Yes, Valentine’s Day is really more about romantic love. But you may have noticed there’s a lot of anger out there lately and we think everyone could use a little bit more love these days. And as anyone who’s been in a long term relationship or had a family (crazy or not) or even the companionship of a sweet pet knows, love is infinitely more than romance. It’s in the daily decision to respect each other and do the right thing that leads to trust and partnership. So this is our little love letter to you, dear clients.

To our past clients, thank you for valuable lessons you’ve taught us so that we may improve the way we serve. Your feedback has made it possible for us to stay in business for 30 years.

To our current clients, thank you for your business, your trust, and your partnership. You may not know this, but we devote full days to thinking of ways to make you and your audience happy and keep your event experiences amazing. There are signs all around our office to ensure the team remembers our key values, of which at least 4 out of 5 are dedicated to you: Teamwork, Customer Service, Attention to Detail, Get Things Done, Do the Right Thing. We build our culture internally around giving back so we can take the quality of your experience to the next level. Without you, we would have nothing. You make our days full; we love working with you!

To our future clients, your letter is yet to be written. We need to know you before we can love you. We’re waiting with bells on.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Clients! We’re looking forward to another day of earning your continued business.

With Love – The Team at AVT Productions

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