Picture this: you’re hosting an event for 300 (or 30,000) prospects and customers. Your venue is unique; content is on-target; the flow, food, and fun are undoubtedly going to be a success. Presentations, staging, room set-up – all going according to plan.

Now it’s time to make sure that when people walk away, they’ll remember who put on this amazing event. And with an event landscape, there are so many opportunities to do so. Practically everything these days can have your logo added, either digitally or printed, from presentations to walls to giveaways.

But there are more memorable ways to brand your event than just stamping a logo on some tchotchkes and napkins and calling it a day. Incorporating audiovisual adds the oomph that will make your company or event brand (or both) really POP.

Colored Lighting: Use company or event colors in your lighting. Your audiovisual partner can provide several options for both types of lighting and placement.

  • Uplighting against the walls in your main session room (3d company logo cutouts can be added)
  • LED walls & columns in your exhibit hall (or elsewhere)
  • Or maybe an LED furniture lounge! And, though this isn’t technology, take a look at branded pillows and furnishings or table and furniture wraps. Your AV & production company can often help with these things too.

Gobos or Projection on the Walls: Get your logo, tagline, etc. up on the walls in light (like the Batsignal). Which one should you choose?

  • Projection is cleaner and easier to include detail and multiple colors. It’s also easily changed throughout the program. The best choice for intricate logos and frequent changes.
  • Gobos use a cut metal or glass plate and you’ll only have a limited number of these to change throughout the program. Transition is not as smooth. They look better for patterns and textures, but colors are limited to one for metal plates and three for glass.   

Monitors and Video Walls: Digital branding is some of the easiest of all and a great way to thank sponsors too. Just think of a video wall with a sponsor logo on each screen! Video walls are durable, versatile, and high-definition. There was a day not too long ago when viewed too close, video walls were like looking at a see-through net with up to an inch between pixels. Today, even the largest scale video wall is like watching a TV screen, with up to 3mm panels for super high-resolution images. LED displays offer incredible brightness and are waterproof too, so are great for outdoor video walls.

Live Streaming & Polling: AVT Productions provides a live streaming and polling services you can brand with your company or event logo.

Photo Op Signage: In the age of Insta (the gram, that is), provide a photo op area with signage that has step & repeat logos as the background. What’s step and repeat? Think of any red carpet or charity event photo where you see celebs posing in front of a wall with the logo repeated over and over in the background. Don’t forget flattering camera-ready lighting (and maybe a social media contest) so people are sure to post their pics.

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