Video is the 2018 darling of content marketing. And judging by the stats, it’s no wonder why:

  • 75% of executives watch work-related videos at least once a week; 65% then go on to visit the vendor’s website
  • Add video to your email and boost click-through rates by 200-300%
  • Include video in social posts, and people are 10x more likely to engage and share
  • (check out the footnotes for sources)

And just click on any of those links in the footnotes to see at least ten other reasons video is worth your time as a marketer. But if you’re new to video, even just the coordination of the ‘actors’ (employees, customers, partners, and industry-leaders) can be daunting, let alone scenery, equipment, scripts, etc.

There’s an easier way: you can streamline your marketing video creation at your next event, or the next industry event you sponsor. Everyone is already in one place, in a positive mindset, with picture-perfect backdrops and technology galore ready to go.

Pre-Show Planning

Come up with a Five W plan for the show at hand:

  • Who is going to be at the event? Make a list of all of your happy customers, partners, and employees, as well as speakers and industry leaders. Know what type of people are going to be there for any random interview segments. Don’t forget to answer ‘who will do the interviews?’ for each group.
  • What do you want to ask and how will you request it, for each group? Will it be stand-in-the-aisles casual or filmed in a private room so that no-one even knows it was filmed at a conference? Write up interview questions for each group ahead of time.
  • Where will you shoot the video? As soon as you have venue access, look for scenic spots where you’ll be able to get relatively quiet time.
  • When will you shoot? For person on the street interviews, heavy traffic times like expo hours are best. For more formal interviews, make sure to nail down times and locations before the show.
  • Why should your subject do the video? Be ready to answer this question if someone asks and always get a release signed so you can use the video!

Get this Footage

  • Person on the street interviews, asking the same question of multiple conference attendees
  • Testimonial/case study interviews with customers and partners
  • Event testimonial videos – get attendees on camera saying how much they love the event and why they love it
  • Event and product keynotes and demos
  • Happy employee interviews to aid in recruiting
  • B-Roll – event set-up and tear-down; attendees having FUN, learning, talking, laughing, participating, partying; the excitement of event keynotes and sessions (B-roll is back-up roll to intersperse in event marketing videos)

The Marketing Videos You Can Create

With the footage above, you can create fantastic video marketing for next year’s event – and so much more – to be used across the web, email, and social. Take the footage above and create:

  • Event Marketing Videos
  • Event Sizzle Reel
  • Event Testimonial Montage
  • Short event testimonial clips
  • And if it’s an industry event, not yours? You still may want to create a brief event video to share on social; the organizers may share and give your branded video a big audience.
  • Lead Gen Videos
  • Customer & Partner Testimonials
  • Thought Leadership Clips
  • Product Highlights and Demos
  • What else can you imagine?

Sources: ForbesForrester Research, Vidyard

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