A company holiday party is a perfect opportunity to show your appreciation and leave people feeling good. But it’s not always easy to get employees excited about attending.

So what can you do to get people from ‘no way’ to ‘can’t wait’, and have them sharing their experience on social the next day?

Note: We’ve added an asterisk next to each of the things AVT can help you pull off quickly! Contact us if you need help.

  1. Buy the world a Coke: In other words, the holidays are for everyone; make this an inclusive event. Aside from making sure not to emphasize any particular religious holiday, include remote employees. If they can’t make it, figure out a way to celebrate them remotely, with a small holiday gift (perhaps a gift certificate for dinner with their spouse).
  2. Earn their attendance: Remember that this is an event FOR employees. Treat it as if you’re throwing it for clients. Build an invitation plan, including reasons to attend, just like you would for a customer or prospect event. Attendance should never be mandatory – you need to earn your employee’s presence there!
  3. Make it fancy: A lot of people welcome a big night on the town, lacking time and energy any other given week. Find a unique venue (no one wants to head back to the office Friday evening), bring in a DJ or band with a stellar sound system*, have a gourmet meal, champagne and custom cocktails.
  4. Or quirky fun: Bowling, graffiti party, pool parlor – a more casual setting can be fun too if that’s what your corporate culture (and budget) calls for. Even if you take the advice above and go fancy, bring in a photo booth with props or set up some silly group games that people can choose to participate in (rock-paper-scissors championship anyone?).
  5. Either way, light it up*: If you’ve been to a keynote presentation, you know professional lighting can entirely transform a room. Use a custom logo gobo or some up lights in your company colors (or any color of the rainbow you want) to set your holiday mood.
  6. Set up Instagram-worthy photo ops*: Everyone loves to take photos and the holiday is a perfect time for it. Provide a photo op area with signage that has step & repeat logos as the background (think of any red carpet or charity event photo where you see celebs posing in front of a wall with the logo repeated over and over in the background). Don’t forget flattering camera-ready lighting* so people are sure to post their pics.
  7. Celebrate the New Year: November and December are incredibly busy for a lot of people, with holiday celebrations, travel plans, family and friends. Consider throwing your holiday party in January instead, and kick off the New Year with good vibes!


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