Client: IT Solutions Company Headquartered in SF Bay Area

Event: Sales Kickoff for 150 Reps

Challenge: Grand vision, reduced budget

Solution: Collaboration and creativity are critical when the reality of a budget crashes into the desire to put on a big show. Though AVT has produced many events at a grand scale, we’ve run into plenty of situations where clients are working within a limited range. It’s in our wheelhouse to conceptualize scenic designs to match that range! Our ultimate goal is to provide solutions that meet event attendee experience goals. We work with our clients to present several options to produce an event that makes an impact, including:

  • Developing a theme
  • Using lighting and sound to create a mood
  • Creating stunning graphics/design and using large format signage to fill the space
  • Choosing electronic signage which is relatively cost-effective but looks expensive

In the case of this SKO, our client has done all of the above and added some scenic elements to the stage as well. But let’s look at the theme, the lighting, and sound. Since the setting is a traditional hotel ballroom, we’re helping them transform the space… to “space”. Starting out brightly lit, the room will go completely dark once everyone is seated. As a low rumble begins on the sound system, programmed lights will begin move about, the speed keeping pace with the increasing volume of the rumble. The goal is to give a feeling of quantum leaping and crescendo up to a rocket launch and… BOOM! Up comes the conference logo and CEO on stage. Talk about an entrance.

There’s more to this story and plenty of others to share if you’re interested. Contact us at if you’d like to hear about it or find out how we can assist with your upcoming event.

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