Visualization can be a powerful tool for success. While we’re not sold on the feasibility of attracting buckets of money through visualization alone, we are confident that taking a concrete step to see the look and feel of your main stage will instill confidence in the successful outcome of your event.

Announcing the ‘See It to Achieve It!’ promotion. Details are simple:

  • You have an established event theme
  • We’ll bring it to life with the scenic design / look & feel for one room, including production schematics (lighting, A/V)
  • No cost, no contract necessary, no strings attached

The first three (3) people who respond, with events that meet the qualifications* will receive this promotion.

Email: or contact us here.

*Event Qualifications:

Size: 250+ people

Dates: July 1 – August 31, 2017

Location: From San Jose and San Francisco in California (or nearby in the East Bay, North Bay, or South Bay)


Must be a corporate event.

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